Portable projectors are redefining entertainment with their immersive cinematic experience that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. These projectors are designed to play content from any of your favourite video streaming apps including Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and more. The Nebula Capsule portable projector is conveniently the size of a soda can, but remarkably it can create a detailed picture up to 100 inches!

You can carry our pocket-size projectors with you wherever you want to go. It can be used in many different settings from your lounge room for a movie night, to a boardroom for a video presentation or even the great outdoors and beyond! With powerful, built in speakers, you can also use a portable projector to pump out music for up to 4 hours of battery life. At BestBuy, we offer the best prices every day. Shop our range of portable projectors for a great deal today!

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